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Half term happiness

Ahhh half term! And breathe…

Wow! A Year Already?!

Today a year ago we officially got married. To celebrate the fact that we probably both deserve a medal for putting up with each other, we decided to do so in style.

Am I a traitor?

I have posted a status a while back on Facebook when a so-called ‘friend’ lashed out at me by accusing me that I have ‘forgotten’ where I came from. Therefore, I would like to air my view.

A Spidery Story

I heard somewhere that you shouldn’t take a shower with you contact lenses in. And everyone knows that without my contact lenses I’m as blind as a bat!

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Baked brownies

I don’t know about you, but I have #GBBO fever at the moment.  It really had me long for some well-deserved brownie baking me-time.