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Welcome to my blog and a big thank you for swinging by my little corner of the World Wide Web.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world and in 2008 I made my first trip abroad.  I came to England to spend two years traveling through Europe, you know, to satisfy this hunger I had for travel.  I saw many beautiful places and I truly loved every second of it.  When an opportunity came knocking I couldn’t help but to grab the bull by the horns and now, years later, I have made England my home.  

Now, I am just a regular woman living a near enough ordinary life.  By day a Maths Teacher, by night an amateur home cook and wife to my lovely Hubby.  And by weekend?  A hungry foodie seeking a new adventure!  I still suffer from travel-bite fever even after all these years…

I cannot wait to share with you my passions for food, travel and life in general.  Here you will find some of my favourite recipes from all over the world and also my take on some of the places I have visited locally and abroad.  I love painting my nails with some wacky designs and writing short sketches about life in general.

In short, what you have here is my very ordinary life, slathered with clotted cream to give it a bit of a twist.

I regularly post on Facebook (Life, with Clotted Cream), Instagram (@lifewithclottedcream), Pinterest (Life, with Clotted Cream) and Twitter (@annelizejorge) so please come and say hello as I would love to get to know you better.

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All photos and posts on this site belongs to me. Credit will be given to the source of any images not taken by me.  You may not copy or reproduce any of my posts or images without my prior written consent.  All experiences featured on this blog has been paid for by myself (or the Hubby!).   I do not take responsibility for any recipes that go wrong as I am after all an amateur cook. Please excuse my grammar as English is not my first language. All rights reserved.

18 Comments on “About me

  1. Thank you for following my blog …Love your blog title I haven’t had clotted cream for years and it reminded me of the taste wih scones and jam..yummy!

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    • 😊 You are very welcome, Carol!
      Thank you for the kind compliment! I’ve tasted clotted cream for the first time on a trip to Cornwall ten years ago ever since then I’m hooked. I felt like it transformed an ordinary scone into some luxurious and that’s how I see life; perfectly ordinary but it is the little things that makes it great!
      Thank you for stopping by!xx

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    • Aaaww thank you!! 😊😊. I’m so glad you like it. I’ve followed you back on Instagram and I have subscribed to your blog – I LOVED the sound of your red velvet cupcakes! xx


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