Nail art

I have been painting my nails for the longest time, however, I have recently fell in love with stamping.  Sometimes I will just sit and mess around with polish for hours…

I would love to share some of my creations with you.  I know my skills aren’t the best, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, I guess!

They might not be good enough to trademark, but I do enjoy being creative and pushing my own (non-artistic) boundaries.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy!

Come paint with me…

Nail Art Round Up

I haven’t posted about my nails in the longest time, so I thought I’ll just post a little carousel of pictures so you can see what I’ve been painting lately.

Avocado Jelly Salad

When I grew up, the family would gather on a Sunday for lunch. Everyone will be responsible for bringing one salad and one meat dish so it almost always resulted in someone bringing some form of jelly salad. My most favourite one is the Avocado Jelly Salad.

Italian-inspired nail art

Saturday night we were off to learn how to make pasta from scratch at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School.  Naturally I had to dress my hands for the occasion!

Cocktails and Ice Cream

The sun is shining.  BBQ’s are lit.  Cocktails and ice creams are at the order of the day!  I thought it wise to let my nails reflect that spirit also.

Nail fail: Now 3 years later…

I thought: “I’ve been painting my nails for a while.  I’ve been watching Youtube videos on nail art since forever and I have these awesome nail art pens.  How hard can it be?”

Black Monday

Tomorrow South Africans all over the world will be standing up against farm murders in South Africa.

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