Half term happiness

Ahhh half term! And breathe…

October’s half term excites me. Not just because I can have a well-deserved rest from my hectic day job; I’m a secondary Maths teacher just outside of London, but there is something about the October half term that is better than all the other ones combined.

The warm feeling when you can actually watch the 9 o’clock movie on a Sunday night without keeping one eye on your lesson plans and the other on the time.

The satisfaction when dawn breaks on a Monday and you don’t have to race against the clock to get yourself showered and presentable, fight through the traffic and run across the quad just to make it on time for the weekly staff briefing.

The sense of achievement when you can actually do whatever you want for an entire week:

Long autumn walks, daytime movies curled up on the sofa, baking fresh crusty bread, reading a book…

A half term break is not just a break; it is a time to feel inspired to do more in life, a time to enlighten yourself and try new things. It is a time to recuperate and get those niggly chores done that you have been putting off for seven weeks. Although this may be true for all half terms, the October half term is the only one with pretty leaves, lots of cosiness and warmth

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