Triple Chocolate Brownies

Baked brownies

I don’t know about you, but I have #GBBO fever at the moment.  It really had me long for some well-deserved brownie baking me-time.  I have tried two recipes; one tried and tested (by others) and another that looked good, but had no reviews.  Maybe there was a reason for the latter not having any reviews as it was a royal disaster! It was dry and cake-like.  Nothing like a brownie should taste like.  How disappointed was I since I used the last of my good glace cherries to bake this triumphant mess!

Here is the good recipe (slightly adapted from BBC Good Food):


200g unsalted butter

200g dark chocolate

85 g plain flour

50g cocoa powder

3 large eggs

280g brown sugar

60g white chocolate chunks

60g dark/milk chocolate chunks


  1. Turn the oven to 160°
  2. Prepare a shallow tin by lining it with baking paper and greasing it with butter.
  3. Melt butter and chocolate together over a bain marie (glass bowl over hot water). Don’t let the water touch or come into contact with the chocolate mixture.  I learnt this one the hard way…

Melting chocolate and butter
Melting me some chocolate and butter
  • Once melted, mix well and sit aside to cool.
  • Sift together the flour and cocoa powder.

  • Sifted flour and cocoa powder
    Sifted flour and cocoa powder
  • Cream the eggs and sugar until it has doubled in volume and become pale and fluffy (DON’T turn the bowl upside down over your head: it WILL give you a sweet eggy mess…)
  • Pour and then fold in the now cooled chocolate into the creamed egg mixture. Careful, if the chocolate is too hot, the eggs will scramble!
  • Sift the flour mixture a second time, but this time it should be sifted over the chocolatey eggy fluff.
  • Fold gently until everything is combined.
  • Fold in the chocolate chunks.
  • Gently pour the batter into the prepared tin and bake for 25 minutes. When done there should be no wobble when you shake the pan gently.
  • Let the baked brownie cool completely in the tin before cutting into squares.
  • It will keep for at least 2 weeks in an airtight container.

  • For a bit of variety, I’ve scattered one half of the mix with fudge chunks and sea salt and the other half I’ve sprayed with edible gold paint.  I just thought it will give it a nice touch.

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