Spectacular tulips at Keukenhof

Tulips and daffodils in Keukenhof, Holland

Wow!  I’m in awe.  The colours are just popping everywhere.  Every time I close my eyes I relive the endless rows and rows of perfectly formed tulips.  Delicately pushing their little petal heads towards the soft warmth of the sun.

The hubby and I was on a mission: to see as many flowers as we possibly could.  The first thing we did was to visit the friendly staff at the I Amsterdam Visitor Centre at Stationsplein.  They quickly sorted us with train tickets, tickets for the 858 Schipol-Keukenhof bus and entry to Keukenhof.

Our approach from the airport to Lisse (where Keukenhof is situated) was adorned with flowers from every angle.  We were told that we could hire bikes to ride around the flowers and I must say that I was a little disappointed at that!  The reason for my disappointment was not that I couldn’t ride a bike, or that I didn’t see any flowers, but that I couldn’t ride the bike around Keukenhof as this very uninformed person led me to believe.  Nevertheless, on our approach to the gates at Keukenhof I was astonished at the sheer size of the entrance.  It was huge.  No, it was actually enormous!

Our tickets for entry into Keukenhof, Holland, The Netherlands
Our entry tickets to Keukenhof, Holland. I’ve painted tulips on my nails to add to the excitement!

Excitedly we spent the first 25 minutes taking in the beautiful daffodils that had just started to bloom.  I have never before seen so many daffodils congregating in one place.  And that there were different colours?!  Mind-blowing!  After 25 minutes we realised that we were still in the entrance and that an entire world of beauty awaits if we would just go past the water…

Have I mentioned that to me, this was a mind-blowing experience?  I did not know there was this many different tulips in the world.  When I think of a tulip (one of my favourite flowers I’ll let you know), I think of the bog-standard pink or red ones that we find in a pre-made bouquet in the entrance door to our local supermarket.  My tiny little brain could not comprehend the fact that there was not only the pink and red ones, but also purple ones, fiery orange ones, multicoloured ones, ones that looks like a bug has eaten the tips of the petals.  Upside down ones…  As I said before: mind.  Blown.

White tulips with pink stripe.
How beautiful is this white tulip with what looks like a pink paint stripe over it?

My nose hauled me to a pathway that had been adorned by these beautiful white, pink and purple Hyacinthus flowers.  We learnt that they are companion plants for the tulips and it helps to keep the nasty bugs at bay.  I cannot imagine why anything would want to stay away from this intoxicatingly sweet perfume that kisses my nostrils every time the wind rustles gently through the petals.  As if in a trance, I wander from flower patch to flower patch trying to capture the invigorating scent with every breath; wishing there had been a way for me to capture this alluring smell like I can capture the beauty around me in a photograph or video.

We walked for a good few hours amongst this little petals of perfection when we realised that we needed a rest.  We needed to sit down, away from the small but growing crowd, and just take it all in.  At the small cafe, we ordered a lekker coffee and a big piece of appeltaart for the hubby.  He still claims that this is one of the best pieces of apple pie he’s ever had.  Perhaps he was just that hungry…

Coffee cup and apple pie
I had a cheeky grin when I read the slogan on the side of the cup: Lekker Kragtig (it means ‘nice and strong’). The hubby claims that this Appeltaart (apple pie) is the best he has tasted during our visit to The Netherlands.

After our short, but needed, break we discovered an entire building dedicated to the flower that is the tulip!  The floral displays inside was nothing short of magnificent and one could see the many hours of love and devotion that went into every single work of art.  Each piece told its own story.  Every little detail have been tended to and not a single leaf nor petal was out of place.  What a privilege to share in this much talent!

Our wonderful day was drawing to an end.  We begrudgingly headed back towards the bus as the park was shutting its doors for the day.  Overwhelmed by the beauty that still exists in this world we waved farewell to the gorgeous fields with its seemingly endless bouts of colour.  Until next time.

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