Italian-inspired nail art

Italian Inspired Nail art

Saturday night we were off to learn how to make pasta from scratch at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School.  Naturally I had to dress my hands for the occasion!

Read about our experience here.

I’ve had a few hiccoughs with this design as I really wanted crisp, straight lines.  I used some tip guides to help the process, but unfortunately the white based ripped completely off when I pulled off the guides! The varnish was dry before I put the guides on, but maybe I should’ve waited a bit longer?  Who knows?  (If you do, please let me know in the comments.)

I started off by painting my pinky, middle and index fingers white.  I’ve also painted the tips of my ring finger and thumb in the same white colour.

I painted the left side of each nail in green and the right side in red to replicate the Italian flag.  Once all was dry (read: filled in the holes with more white paint!) I sprayed the whole lot with hairspray before I stamped some images, in black, over my flags.  I did this to prevent the red leaching into the white and then make it look a total mess.

I then stamped my images before spraying them with hairspray again and then putting a top coat over once dry.

The Polish

  • Twinkled T: Black Stamping polish
  • Rimmel: Hot White Love (white), Queen of Tarts (red)
  • Nails Inc: Spitalfields (green), Caviar base coat
  • Seche Vite top coat

Stamping plates

  • MoYou London: Hipster 02, The Cookbook Collection 06, Lingo Collection 06.
  • Born Pretty: BP-124


I really loved how these turned out – what do you think?  Do you also paint your nails according to a theme?  Please let me know in the comments below.

2 Comments on “Italian-inspired nail art

  1. Nail art can be difficult and precise. You were able to achieve an incredible look and design!

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