Cocktails and Ice Cream

Cocktails and Ice Cream Pink nail art

The sun is shining.  BBQ’s are lit.  Cocktails and ice creams are at the order of the day!  I thought it wise to let my nails reflect that spirit also.

With the past Bank Holiday just gone, it was truly a beautiful one.  I love waking up to the sound of birds tweeting as they bask in the morning sun.

The sun, gently stretching its golden fingers through the window, tickling my back as I’m painting my nails.  One cannot help but smile and enjoy every minute of this rarity.

The Mani

First I painted my nails with Nails Inc’s Caviar base coat.  I really like the fact that it is non-staining and that it provides a beautiful canvas for the rest of the paints to cling to.

Then I applied two coats of Sally Hansen’s Pink Cadillaquer.  One coat was probably enough as it did give a nice even coat, however, I accidentally smudged one nail before the polish dried so I applied the second coat.  I actually did like it more with the two coats.

I did two reverse stamping images of the cocktail glasses.  Once I picked up the images (Twinkled T stamping polish in black) I gave it a quick coat with the Rimmel Top Coat.  Once it was touch-dry I coloured it in with various polishes (listed below).

The ice-cream images have been stamped using MoYou Cookbook 10 stamping plate.

I finished off the manicure with Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil.


  • MoYou London: Cuticle Guard, Denim Jeans, Surf’s Up, Beach House, Party Pink
  • Twinkled T: Stamping polish in black and white
  • Rimmel: Super Gel Top Coat
  • Hot Looks: Look at me, Show off
  • Nails Inc: Caviar Base Coat, Victoria and Albert
  • Sally Hansen: Miracle Gel Pink Cadillaquer, Miracle Gel Top Coat

Stamping plates

  • Born Pretty BP-166
  • MoYou London Cookbook 10

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