Nail fail: Now 3 years later…

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I’m a Numbers girl.  I loved accounting so much that I got a degree in it.  Then the teaching bug bit and I became a Maths teacher.  It is only natural that, as a Maths teacher and nail art enthusiast, I combine the two for an art explosion that is literally at the tip of my fingers.

Years ago when I still knew very little about nail art or stamping techniques I saw this photo online where my friend @Jemma91 had painted the most awesome Mathematical nails.  I had no idea how she managed to get it so neat and tidy or how she managed to write the formulae or draw the shapes with a paint brush.  Little did I know about the art that is nail art!

Jemma's nails
My friend Jemma’s stunning Maths Mani.

So I thought: “I’ve been painting my nails for a while.  I’ve been watching (read: falling asleep to) Youtube videos on nail art since forever and I have these awesome nail art pens.  How hard can it be?”

It turns out: VERY!  It was the biggest disaster of all time.  One of my colleagues even told me how sad I was for wasting my time like that…  I realised the nail art pens I bought was a complete scam so I tried doing the design with a toothpick.  As you can see, this was a massive #nailfail moment!

Maths Nail art

It turns out that the more you practise the better your skills get.

Earlier this year I had another go at some Mathematical nails.  I have had a few years experience and my darling hubby surprised me with a stamping plate for my birthday.  It turns out that was exactly the images I saw on Jemma’s hands.  Excited didn’t even cut it.  This time round, I think they were almost Pinterest-worthy!


Polishes used in my Big Bang Mani:

  • Twinkled T: Stamping Polish in black and white
  • Rimmel: Finishing Touch glitter top coat, dark blue: Loafer Love for You, light blue: Pillow Talk, black: Black Out, white: Hot White Love
  • MoYou London: Cuticle Guard, Blue: Royal Up (I ended up not using the MoYou London purple in the picture, however, it is Purple House)
  • Nails Inc: Caviar base coat
  • Seche Vite top coat

Stamping plate:

MoYou London Scholar 01

MoYou London Scholar 01

Do you have any major nail fails from your first mani’s?  Please share it below in the comments or send me a picture on the following platforms:


If you fancy any of the products that I have used you can find it here on Amazon (affiliate link) by clicking on the relevant images:




Fancy 10% of at MoYou London?  Click here to go to their website.


I would like to thank Jemma Collins for kindly agreeing that I could use her picture (the beautiful black and yellow mani at the top).  Please click on her name in the post to go to her Instagram account.

6 Comments on “Nail fail: Now 3 years later…

    • Thank you Fiona! It was like a whole new world has opened up when I learnt about stamping – now I’m addicted. 😆. You’re right, we’re a rare breed – lots of “numberphobes” out there 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Your nails look great! I can’t even paint my nails myself because it looks like a 5 year old did them. Hmm, I may have just found a new little interest though, nail stamping is something I can get behind! I looooove the mani!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you Leslie!! I can truly say that this took years of practice 😊. Stamping is a brilliant way to have great mani’s without having to be Picasso with a paintbrush. I’m always struggling to keep the polish off my cuticles, but bless the bright spark that thought: ‘hey, let’s use latex over my cuticles’ it’s actually easier! 😊 xx


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