Black Monday

Today’s post has a bit of a somber feel to it, but I am not going to apologise for it.

I keep up with the news in South Africa on a daily basis and it is painful to know that there are nasty things happening right now, but it is not being covered by the media.

Currently South Africa is crouched under drought.  It is so bad that the Western Cape has declared this water shortage an official disaster.  A handful of farmers committed suicide as a result of this drought as they couldn’t provide for their families, animals or workers.

That said, farmers have a lot on their plate as it is, but to add to the stress of it all there had been a spade of murdering farmers in South Africa for little to no reason at all.  And not just farmers, but their wives, children, workers and livestock too.  A frenzy that means you are 4.5 times more likely to be murdered in South Africa if you are a farmer by profession!  Thus far over 300 farm attacks have occurred in 2017 alone and according to The Times Live four murders and thirteen attacks happen every week.  These attacks are brutal; they include rape, torture and eventually death.  Some attacks are so gruesome that I cannot get myself to pen them down.

The mainstream media does not cover this.  The world doesn’t know.  So here I am, trying my best to let the world know that South Africans are suffering.  They are suffering due to limited water supply.  They are suffering because a handful of bloodthirsty (I’m almost reluctant to call them humans) people are on a killing spree for their pleasure.

Tomorrow South Africans all over the world will be standing up against farm murders in South Africa.  They will be wearing black to commemorate the lives of those farmers that had been brutally murdered and to show my solidarity I have painted my nails black and already ironed my black dress for tomorrow.  Even though I now live in the UK, my blood is still green, my heart still pumps to the beat of the African drum.  Please support my people by spreading the word about these farm murders so that they know they are not alone.  Please #StandAgainstFarmMurders.

7 Comments on “Black Monday

  1. Thank you for enlightening me on the situation down there in South African. I am not surprised thou that international media has been hushed about this.

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  2. I recently met someone from South Africa and got into conversation about what life is like there. I was horrified with what I heard. I hope something can be done about this soon, tragic is not the word…

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