Be my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

I for one absolutely love going all out on dinner for my husband on special occasions. Valentine’s Day being one such occasion.

This year I was thinking of making some of my old favourites, but with a loved up twist.


For early evening nibbles I have some gyoza in the freezer that works a treat when I have unexpected guests or, on a night like this, is brilliant for a pre-dinner snack. I simply heat a small pan (with tight-fitting lid) with a glug of oil and place the uncooked, but still frozen, gyoza in the hot oil to brown. Once the little wrappers are browned to my liking I take a quarter cup of cold water and pour it into the pan before quickly putting the lid on. I let it steam for 10 minutes until the water has evaporated and the gyoza is cooked through. Serve it with a dip made from soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and a squeeze of lime juice.


Since it is Valentine’s Day all dishes will be served as sharing platters. We absolutely love Nachos and I cannot think of a better starter to share than this.

Instead of using readymade tortilla chips I am going to take tortilla wraps and cut little heart shapes with a cookie cutter. I then bake them in the oven until they are crisp before assembling the dish. It could be so much fun to eat with guacamole and refried beans.


Initially I was thinking of making something with spaghetti (you know, Lady and the Tramp style), or making pizza together. But to me it didn’t feel too romantic. Then I remembered this lamb dish with romantic little pips of pomegranate. It is super easy to make this into a sharing plate.


No Valentine’s Day meal is complete without a romantic dessert on the table to round off the meal. I’ve always thought of figs being super romantic and therefore I cannot think of a better dessert than this one!

I will serve this in one large glass with two spoons – perfect for sharing!

Do you have any special Valentine’s Day dinner planned? Why not share your ideas with me in the comments below or on any of my social media accounts?

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