Minty Yogurt and Feta Dip

Two pots of yogurt dip

A couple of nights ago I’ve made a Lamb Shank with Feta and Olives. I wanted to add a bit of luxurious creaminess to the dish, but didn’t want to add it to the shanks itself. Instead I decided to make this uplifting dip with the single pot of homemade yogurt I had left. There’s no need for you to use homemade yogurt, but it did make it a little extra special!

Here’s what I did:

Since we’ve moved home, we’ve acquired a little conservatory! As it is currently winter here in England it is way too cold to sit in said conservatory, but it is brilliant to keep herbs from dying in the wintry weather. So that is where I currently have my little herb garden…

I had one pot of plain yogurt left from the last batch that I made. I decided to spruce it up by adding some fresh mint, fresh parsley, salt, lime juice and a quarter block of finely crumbled feta cheese.

How delightful was this! It really brought the dish together and I cannot wait to make it again!

Minty Yogurt dip with Feta

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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  • 140 grams plain greek yogurt
  • 10 grams mint leaves, stripped from the stalk
  • 10 grams parsley
  • 50 grams feta cheese
  • 1/4 lime, juiced
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Chop the herbs finely and crumble the feta into very fine crumbs.
  2. Mix all ingredients together and place in fridge until needed.

Here’s some more dishes you can serve with this lovely dip:

2 Comments on “Minty Yogurt and Feta Dip

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