Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled egg breakfast

A step-by-step guide on how to create creamy scrambled eggs.

Eggs is one thing that is really getting on my nerves… They are actually really difficult to cook – and get it right!

When I was a Uni student I worked in a well-known breakfast restaurant in South Africa during the holidays. I was astounded to learn that the (perhaps not so secret) way they made their scrambled eggs was simply a knob of butter into a cup with one egg cracked in. A simple stir with a fork and (believe it or not!) a quick blast in the microwave resulted in rather tasty scrambled egg.

A couple of years ago we stayed in a B&B called Trenderway Farm in Cornwall. For breakfast I asked for my eggs to be scrambled and until this very day, I’ve never had or been able to recreate those delicious scrambled eggs. They were soft, creamy and utterly delicious!

I took to Youtube, as you do nowadays and scoured the videos on making the perfect scrambled egg (I really don’t like using a microwave!). A million videos later (ok, maybe not a million, but an awful lot) and this what I have learnt. It is not those of Trenderway Farm, but it certainly isn’t half bad.

How to create creamy scrambled eggs step-by-step:


  • 4 fresh free range eggs, large
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon butter

Step 1:

The very first thing I’m doing is to crack open the eggs in a mixing bowl and add the salt. Beat the eggs and salt with an egg whisk until well combined and slightly frothy.

Step 2:

Melt the butter in a pan over a very low heat and gently pour the eggs in.

Step 3:

With a spatula, bring the eggs in towards the middle from the edges. Do this until two-thirds of the eggs have been cooked. Take off the heat and season with black pepper.

Step 4:

Stir one last time before serving.

One of my most favourite comforting breakfasts is to scramble a few eggs and then drape it over a slice of fresh white bread and squeeze over a generous dollop of ketchup… Yum!

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