Poached Eggs Made Easy

Poached egg with yolk dripping

A step-by-step guide on how to make a perfect poached egg with a runny centre.

For years I struggled to cook the perfect poached egg.  Until today.

I think I’ve finally cracked it!  I’ve watched many Saturday morning cooking shows and Youtube videos until I managed a half decent poached egg with a runny centre encased in a firm, non-rubbery white jacket.  Perfect for a leisurely Eggs Benedict!

Why is it called a ‘poached’ egg?

In cooking, the term ‘poaching’ refers to when something is cooked in simmering liquid. You can cook many things by using the poaching method: chicken, vegetables, eggs and even fruit (think poached pears). It is simply cooking something very gently to keep the integrity of the dish.

Is a poached egg healthy?

Absolutely! With the absence of added fat (like butter and oil), poached eggs are very healthy. It contains a tonne of nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and omega 3 fats. Some class eggs as the healthiest food on the planet.

How do you eat a poached egg?

Any which way you fancy! I love poached eggs with salad, on toast or as part of a simple dinner like Bibimbap.

My most favourite way to eat a poached egg is on fresh white bread with lashings of butter!

How to cook a poached egg:

Step 1: 

Start by filling a deep saucepan 3/4 full of water.  Put the lid on and switch the hob on.

Step 2:

Whilst the water is heating up, crack open an egg (at room temperature) into a small silicone bowl (I use my measuring cup).

Cracked egg in cup

Step 3:

Put salt in the water along with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar (this helps the egg white to stabilise).

When the water comes to a simmer (very small bubbles form), give it a stir to create a whirlpool.

Switch off the hob.

Step 4:

Slide the egg gently into the centre of the slowing whirlpool and put the lid on.

Step 5:

Wait 2-3 minutes until the whites have set before using a slotted spoon to gently lift the egg out of the water and placing it on a plate to let the excess water drain off.

I promise you that practise absolutely makes perfect! Enjoy your perfectly poached eggs!

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