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Nail fail: Now 3 years later…

MoYou Polishes

I thought: “I’ve been painting my nails for a while.  I’ve been watching Youtube videos on nail art since forever and I have these awesome nail art pens.  How hard can it be?”

A Quiet Place Movie Nail Art

Quiet Place Nail Art

One plate had me puzzled.  I had no idea how I would use it. A plate that contained the entire alphabet…  In sign language…

Spectacular tulips at Keukenhof

Tulips and daffodils in Keukenhof, Holland

Wow!  I’m in awe.  Never before have I experienced such beauty…

Black Monday

Tomorrow South Africans all over the world will be standing up against farm murders in South Africa.

Venturing out

Pink Base Nail Art

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I finally took the plunge today!