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Avocado Jelly Salad

A box of Fuerte Avocados

When I grew up, the family would gather on a Sunday for lunch. Everyone will be responsible for bringing one salad and one meat dish so it almost always resulted in someone bringing some form of jelly salad. My most favourite one is the Avocado Jelly Salad.

Italian-inspired nail art

Italian Inspired Nail art

Saturday night we were off to learn how to make pasta from scratch at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School.  Naturally I had to dress my hands for the occasion!

The Royal Wedding: A long wait on The Long Walk

Royal Wedding Nail art

One cannot live in England and not have some form of engagement with the Royal Family. The moment the engagement was announced, we agreed that we just had to be there.  

Cocktails and Ice Cream

Cocktails and Ice Cream Pink nail art

The sun is shining.  BBQ’s are lit.  Cocktails and ice creams are at the order of the day!  I thought it wise to let my nails reflect that spirit also.

Nail fail: Now 3 years later…

MoYou Polishes

I thought: “I’ve been painting my nails for a while.  I’ve been watching Youtube videos on nail art since forever and I have these awesome nail art pens.  How hard can it be?”

A Quiet Place Movie Nail Art

Quiet Place Nail Art

One plate had me puzzled.  I had no idea how I would use it. A plate that contained the entire alphabet…  In sign language…

Venturing out

Pink Base Nail Art

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I finally took the plunge today!

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