Planning a weekend city break to Vienna

I’ve always been a romantic at heart.  Besides Paris, I’ve always imagined 18th Century Vienna as one of the most romantic cities on earth.  

When the hubby asked me where we should go for a weekend break, there was no doubt in my mind that Vienna was the destination.  

I planned the weekend in minute detail.  I memorised Google Maps’ Street view of Vienna and outlined our weekend by the hour; visiting all the most romantic places I could fit into the walking distance from our hotel.  It was truly exciting to learn so much about the Viennese culture beforehand.

Vienna on Google Maps
Credit to Google Maps for the image of Vienna’s City Map

I made lists of lists.  I detailed every path and exit we had to take (if you think it is overkill, think again: I get lost following a SatNav!). Looked at menus of different restaurants and even studied a map of the airport terminal to determine the quickest way to get an Über to the hotel.

To say that our visit was a slight disappointment is somewhat of an understatement… 

It rained poured!  The whole Saturday. All that planning mostly washed away – well almost: I knew the umbrellas were going to come in handy!

Me with my polkadot umbrella in the rain in Vienna

In my next post I’ll tell you all about our Viennese experience!

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