A Viennese Adventure

If you have been following my blog, you will know that our long anticipated, romantic weekend away have been washed out by more rain than a good English Summer!

So we’ve passed the VotivKirche and the Rathaus and we’re merrily walking along the Volksgarten Park on the left. As tourists do, we wanted to explore the park a bit more.

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We were very surprised to see several hundred little trees covered in hessian cloths – all supported by green poles tied to the stems of the trees. We were baffled. On closer inspection we saw that each tree was dedicated to someone from a loved one and slowly we realised that this is a remembrance garden. And the covered trees? Rosebushes! Once Spring is here, this garden will look and smell amazing.

The story behind this garden is just one of awe. Once the majestic fortress wall of Vienna stood here on this very ground. For hundreds of years the wall stood the test of time. That is until Napoleon’s troops invaded Vienna and flattened the wall! A few years later the park opened and, what was once the city’s moat, was filled in and today that very same moat is now the Ring Road that goes around the Old Town of Vienna.

You can read more about the history of the garden here.

Mozart Denkmal

A few steps from the Volksgarten is Burggarten where there is a statue of Mozart. As a child I took music lessons at the local high school. The walls were covered in old portraits of European Composers and I vowed that one day I will visit at least one of their hometowns.

And here we are. I got a bit emotional when I saw the ornate statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He looked so elegant where he stood on his plinth and I couldn’t help but hear Piano Sonata No 11 (Alla Turca) explode around me.

An even bigger surprise was to see a Clef on the ground in front of the statue; in full bloom. It was truly magnificent.

Wiener Staatsoper

Since we’ve started to plan this day-and-a-half-trip, I’ve kept an eye out for tickets to the Viennese State Opera House. I’ve been placed on a waiting list, but unfortunately no person in their right mind will pass up the opportunity to cancel their tickets to this once in a lifetime event. Therefore we could only see the outside. I suppose the outside is better than nothing! I would, however, have loved to see Swan Lake in the Viennese State Opera House – how amazing would that have been! Maybe next time…

Schwanensee - Wiener Staatsoper

New Shoes

Have I mentioned that it has been raining the whole Saturday? No? Well it has! I don’t even think raining is the right word to use… It is way too soft-sounding for what we went through! It was tipping it down in these torrential downpours, drenching us from head to toe despite our brand new umbrellas… With the element named ‘water’ came the wet. So wet in fact, that the only pair of shoes I brought for the weekend got ruined. Now a few splashes here and there I could live with, but with one sole that came off, water spilling over my feet, drenching my socks and creeping up the legs of my jeans was not fun at all. I was miserable. Dragging my feet and audibly shloshing as I swim across the road, I’ve never felt more miserable when travelling (well, only that one time when I went to Cardiff, but that is a whole different story altogether).

The hubby got upset that I am upset so he googled the nearest shoe store. As I swam through the door, I took the nearest pair of Converse off the shelf and asked for my size in the worst German ever. The assistant saw my predicament immediately and brought me two complimentary pairs of (very disposable) dry socks; one pair to dry my freezing wet feet and the other so I could try on the new shoes. I bought some more socks to last me about a week, put the Converse on and paid at the till. I did give the box back for recycling and requested a bag for my ruined shoes…

Happy feet!!


Next stop: Naschmarkt. I’ve really wanted to come to this market as I am in love with markets and I read so many good things about this one. Fresh, local produce is always a winner in my book.

It was just after 15:30 as we strolled to the market and most stalls have already packed up for the day… As we are walking through the narrow path we are greeted by market sellers on either side that are desperately trying to sell us something in the eleventh hour of the day. Since we are only in Austria for another 15 hours or so more we cannot buy anything that will take too long to consume.

Just before we left we simply had to try some BaumKuchen: a spiral-like pastry covered in cinnamon sugar and slathered with molten nutella on the inside of the spiral. Sooo messy, but very, very delicious! Word to the wise: don’t let it go cold… (We were too wet, sticky and full of chocolate to take a picture!)

My next post will be riddled with butterflies, so please visit again!

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    • It really was a great little trip. Now that I look back, I cannot believe we’ve fitted in so much for a day and a half. I really wish I could go back just for the Opera house – gutted! xx


  3. This looks so lovely – I had this place on my agenda last autumn but it got cancelled like three days before I was due to go! Hopefully one day I will be able to replan! x

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