A taste of Vienna

Kunsthistorisches Museum

It has been weeks’ worth of planning.  All I wanted was the most romantic weekend away in one of the most romanticised cities in the world.  It is therefore only logical that it is pouring outside.  How truly disappointing!

Nevertheless, we are determined to make the most of this beautiful city! So here we go…


Having only arrived to our hotel at midnight (we had an hour’s delay) we immediately went to bed, exhausted after a super busy day at work then the excitement of having a cheeky weekend break away.


Bright and early on the Saturday morning, our first order of business was breakfast. I loved the fact that the Austrians take allergies so seriously.  They have a standardised code for each allergen and this has to be displayed next to each dish on a menu: how easy does that make my life?  L-o-o-o-ved it!

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast was a good experience; the menu alone made my mouth water and I had to giggle when I saw the Warm Dishes section:  mustard and ketchup seems to be an Austrian staple when bacon, eggs and sausages are served…  (As a mustard lover, I didn’t like the mustard very much – it didn’t taste very mustardy!)

There was more baked goods than you can shake a stick at and I tried avocado butter for the first time ever.  So rich, silky and very very buttery.  I ate way more bread than I should’ve purely for the avo butter.  We definitely needed to do some walking.  Ok, a lot of walking!

Our hotel was right next to the Votivkirche.  Since we’re so early, the church wasn’t open for visitors yet.  This, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped us from admiring the gorgeous architecture on the outside of the church and exploring the Sigmund Freud gardens nearby. 

I really loved the story of this church’s history:  In 1853 Emperor Franz Joseph went for a stroll when he was attacked by a tailor’s apprentice.  The apprentice stabbed the Emperor, however, failed to kill him.  In celebration of the failed assassination, the Emperor’s brother, Maximilian, collected donations from all over the Empire to build a church on the site where the Emperor was attacked.

Read more about the history here.

The rain gave us a little break and we strolled along Landesgerichtstrasse towards the Rathaus.  According to everything I read online, the Viennese Town Hall has been dubbed as the most beautiful building in all of Vienna.  Unfortunately for us, most of it was covered in scaffolding and it isn’t open to visitors on a weekend.  

Much to our surprise we discovered a little Austrian food market along with an enormous ice rink on the other side on Rathausplatz.  This really wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill ice rink.  It had different levels, nooks, crannies and even ramps and icy pathways!  As I said: enormous.  In fact, I believe it measures to 9000m2 of icy fun.

The rain started again…  Umbrellas up!

In my next post I’ll tell you all about Vienna’s beautiful Volksgarten and bustling Naschmarkt.

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5 Comments on “A taste of Vienna

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  4. Sorry to hear that it was raining and the Rathaus was closed but it sounds like you made the most out of your weekend! I’ve actually wanted to visit Austria for a long time, hopefully I’ll be able to soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Despite the rain it really was a great weekend – if ever you do go then I’ll recommend Spring time when the flowers are out. Thank you for stopping by!xx


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