Homemade burgers

Homemade burgers

It is that time of year when everyone thinks: ‘Let’s have a BBQ!’  To me, there is a massive difference between a braai and a BBQ.  

A braai, is a gathering where friends come together around a fire; it is where steak and boerewors and lamb chops and chicken flatties are artfully cooked over hot-ish coals and, most importantly, it does NOT involve a single burger patty.

A BBQ, on the other hand, is an impromptu: ‘Let’s have some burgers on a Wednesday night’.  It is one of those meals where the wife does all the prep (aka go to the shops, pick up patties, fake cheese, pre-cut buns and a tub of coleslaw) and the hubby cooks the meat before anyone is ready to eat.  It is quick and often over before you have time to relax and enjoy the experience…  I don’t like to BBQ very often because, to me, it feels very anti-social and so very rushed.

But, if you absolutely must have a BBQ (you know, the impromptu kind), then at least do the right thing and make your own burger patties.  They are so simple to make, you know exactly what goes into it and you can flavour and fill it to your liking.

Here is my recipe:

500 grams15%-20% Beef mince
1 small handfulPanko breadcrumbs
30 gramsParmesan cheese
2 heaped teaspoonsGarlic Powder
1 heaped teaspoonCurry Powder
1/2 teaspoonGround Cumin
1/2 smallRed onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoonSea salt
Freshly ground pepper


Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Divide in 4 (I like ’em huge!) and use a burger press to get them all the same size.

BBQ outside and serve with fresh brioche buns, condiments, coleslaw and The Ultimate Potato Salad.

Enjoy the summer!

Want some more al fresco dinners?

10 Comments on “Homemade burgers

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    • Homemade burgers are truly great as you can literally put any of your favourite ingredients in to suit your taste 😊. Let me know how they turned out! x


  2. They look amazing! I do love a good burger during the summer. Whether it’s at a bbq or at home they are always the perfect summer meal! Will try out this recipe x

    Liked by 1 person

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