Christmas Nostalgia (part 2)

Oh no! I cannot believe it is nearly February. Nearly a twelfth into the New Year and I’m still in the Christmas spirit. Although I have an inkling that this will be my last Christmas post for the next ten months…

Preparations for Christmas day started about a month before our arrival. My parents cooked the leg of lamb and my mum made the ice cream cake dessert.

Two days before the big festivities commenced, we decided to make some fruit popsicles for the Bellini’s. Unfortunately my mother has given away our popsicle containers and therefore we had no other choice as to look for alternatives. For hours we walked around town trying to find something suitable to freeze the fruit puree in to make it look somewhat festive. Finally! We found some Perspex shot glasses, but now the question would be: how do I get it out of the glass once frozen? The search for some pretty wooden lolly sticks started again. At one baking accessory shop we asked the shop assistant if they stock any lolly sticks. She exclaimed in excitement that they did and pointed to the bottom of a dusty shelf. I looked and looked, but I did not see what she saw. With a puzzled expression I asked again. This time she had to get off her chair and actually walk to the shelf. Slightly annoyed. She picked it up. Oh, I saw that! Some brightly painted wooden stakes with brightly coloured feathers glued to it! Not quite what I had in mind. And also, the paint and glue would probably cause death and destruction after consumption! After explaining to her, yet again, that this is intended for the use with food, she shrugged her shoulders and said: ‘You could try it.’

I think not.

Eventually we found some plastic coffee stirrers. We tried them instead.

Fruit Bellini’s

1 punnet of raspberries

500ml mixed berry juice


Blitz the raspberries until pureed. Mix with the juice and freeze in little containers (we greased ours with an oil spray and it worked a treat!).

Freeze for an hour to two hours before inserting the sticks. This will ensure that they are standing upright.

Serve in a wide-mouth champagne glass (we only had martini glasses, but they did the trick) and top with champagne or something sparkling just before serving.



On Christmas morning we all went to church first thing in the morning. I felt a bit cheated as the dominee (reverend) did not bring a Christmas message.

Once home, mum and I started to assemble the starters before the crowds descend on us and the festivities take flight. Within half an hour the house went from semi-quiet to filled with people. Ever saw the films My Big Fat Greek Wedding? That is my family. Just, we’re not Greek. And we were not everybody either which was a shame.


What was the starter I hear you say? Well, here it is! It consisted of three different elements (one of which was shop-bought. Shocking, I know!).


I think I’ve already mentioned this, but mum and I went shopping for this extravagant feast. As we walked past the watermelons, we decided that we would only need a small one. I could barely carry it! It was massive!


Many years ago (and you will need to keep up with this one) my mother’s father’s (my grandfather’s) cousin’s husband made his wife a beautiful kitchen knife. The blade is about 40 cm long and it can slice through almost anything. Upon my grandfather’s cousin’s husband’s death this knife was handed down to my mother. This knife is the perfect knife to slice through a huge watermelon in one go!


Watermelon stacks


One small (hugely massive) watermelon, cut in round slices

One tub of feta wheels, can’t be cubed

15 olives, pitted

Balsamic vinegar

Mint leaves

Pretty cocktail sticks


Using a round cookie cutter, press out roundels of watermelon and feta cheese.

Stack one round of feta cheese on top of a watermelon round. Top with an olive and skewer the stack with a pretty cocktail stick. Garnish with a drizzle of balsamic and some mint leaves.

We made enough for 15 people.

Chicken parcels


Rice paper wonton wrappers

1 carrot

½ cucumber

3 chicken breasts, roasted with lemon.

1 husband


Take the husband and get him to julienne the carrot and cucumber. Once this is done, he should switch cutting boards and cut the chicken into thin strips.

Whilst the husband is julienning, boil some water and soak the wonton wrappers for a few seconds until soft and malleable.

Then wrap some chicken along with carrot and cucumber strips.

We have served both of these on one plate with a little shop-bought creamy turmeric salad dressing.



I lied about this being my last Christmas post… You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what we did for mains!

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