Exploring Venice

View of the Rialto bridge from a gondola

Have I mentioned that I am pretty privileged when it comes to seeing the world and visiting new places? As you may or may not know, I am a teacher and as part of my school’s culture we take our students on an annual residential trip somewhere in the world for an entire week.

Last year I had the opportunity to explore the area between Venice and Lake Garda. Granted that was with 25 students in tow (we were three members of staff), but it was still an amazing experience! I have seen and experience things that a normal tourist probably may not see and every time I look through my pictures, I want to go back. This time taking my hubby with me!

The first thing I remembered about Venice was disappointment. As we were a big group we went by coach. We were driven into this really dingy, industrial-like car park. Our driver got out and went to pay the coach tax (an eye-watering €350!). It looked dirty, muddy and really uninviting.

We waited for a while for the ferry to take us over towards Venice and once we were en route, I could start seeing what the fuss was about. Venice is beautiful. It has this movie-like romance with an Italian flair.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked up and down so many staircases in the height of summer, but it was totally worth it!

We spent half a day making Venetian masks and learning the fascinating history behind the wearing of the masks. This was truly awesome and the students were incredibly creative in making their masks.

I’ve always wanted to see Venice. In the movies it is always portrayed as being utterly romantic and sitting in St Mark’s Square sipping on an Italian coffee has always been the dream. Wow, that was truly an experience!

One cannot go to Venice and not take a ride on a gondola. Since we were a big group, we’ve booked the gondola’s in advance. We were about 8 in a gondola and I was so very surprised to see the opulent decorations and soft cushioned seats. I really did feel like I was in the movies.

St Mark's Square

I really did like the history of the Bridge of Sighs. This bridge was constructed between a court and a prison and it is called the Bridge of Sighs since a criminal would sigh as they walk from the court to the prison. The view was the last time they would see Venice before going to prison.

Bridge of Sighs

Would you like to explore more of beautiful Italy?

18 Comments on “Exploring Venice

  1. You have some really great pictures here of Venice β™₯ I visited when I was a child and fell completely in love with it – I would like to visit again as an adult x

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  2. Oh wow what an amazing trip! Those glass items look amazing – did you get the chance to visit any of the studios where they make them?
    I’ve never travelled to Venice but a few of my family have. While I always love hearing about it and seeing the pictures I’m almost afraid to visit in case it doesn’t live up to the expectations of my heart and imagination!

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    • I’m like that also – afraid that things don’t live up to expectations, but in the case of Venice I loved getting lost in the little roads and just do people watching in St Marks was fantastic! There are some true gems there.xx

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  3. Wow, this seems like it was an amazing trip! I wish something like this had been a thing during my student days.

    – Laura // afinnontheloose.com

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    • It was really brilliant! Love how we do this for the kids as for some these trips is their first time away from home or for others the first time they fly on a plane. Such a fantastic experience!


  4. We had a chance to visit Venice many years ago and we absolutely fell in love with it. Would love to return one day to see more of it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day

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