Picturesque Towns around Lake Garda

Sirmione Castle through vegetation

Don’t you just love exploring local towns and villages when you’re travelling? I do.

When I first heard that I will be visiting Lake Garda I had no idea what to expect. My hubby always spoke of his great experience there many years ago, but I could never picture in my head what it should look like. Now that I’ve visited the region myself, I cannot think of many other places that has the charm of this part of Italy. Not only do you have the calmness of the water, but you have history, culture and a quaint uniqueness all mixed into one great big melting pot and it really has been one of the most Instagrammable holiday’s I’ve had in a long time.


In my previous post I’ve talked quite a bit about Malcesine. What I haven’t mentioned in that post is that one place that you should definitely visit is Castello de Malcesine. Even if only for the stunning views of the lake. I would’ve loved to see the castle all lit up at night – I think it must be a very impressive sight.


We didn’t spend much time in beautiful Lazise purely because it was our last day and we were en route to the airport. We lounged about for a while at the water’s edge and sipped on the most delicious watermelon granita I’ve ever had.


I loved this beautiful old town. We waited for a ferry to take us to Sirmione and once we arrived, it was one of the most tranquil little towns ever.

Castello Scaligero is a mighty fortress that rises against the turquoise blue waters of Lake Garda. I spotted a leaky tap outside the castle. I tried to capture a drop with my phone’s camera when a very rude man pushed me out of the way. Turns out it made a great photograph!


I couldn’t get enough of Verona. One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit was Casa de Giulieta – Shakespeare’s Juliet. It was not hard to miss as there are many signposts on how to get there and once you’re nearby you can see the letters to Juliet that had been stuck to the wall at the entrance.

There were a mass of people that wanted to get a glimpse of Juliet’s balcony and wanted to touch the right breast of Juliet’s bronze statue in order to bring them luck in finding ‘the one’. We went into the museum and loved the simplicity of it. Some clothing and Juliet’s bed is the only decoration, however, the flooring is a work of art.

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6 Comments on “Picturesque Towns around Lake Garda

  1. Lake Garda is a place I want to visit so much! It’s already a few years on my bucket list and I hope maybe next year to explore it! Fingers crossed! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is so very pretty! I will also cross my fingers for you so you are able to go and visit these beautiful towns – I’m so upset that my plans to go and visit this year has been cancelled 😦 Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!


  2. We had a chance to visit Lake Garda a few years ago and absolutely loved every minute of it, would love to go back to see more of it 😀


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