Top breakfast eateries in Amsterdam

Fig, brie and honey waffle

Whenever I travel, I want to taste the local cuisine.  Our city-breaks to Amsterdam is no different.  Here is a list of the restaurants we visited (and loved!) for breakfast.



We opted not to have breakfast included in our hotel stay and I am glad to say that this was a great decision!  This enabled us more flexibility on when and where we wanted to eat.  On our first morning, having arrived late the night before (read about our confusing ordeal here), we were absolutely ravenous.  We jumped onto the tram in Wijttenbachstraat towards Rembrandt Plein.  It was busy.  Very busy.  Since we were in no rush, we walked around for a bit trying to figure out, firstly, where we were on a map and, secondly, how to escape the touristy crowds that are hanging around The Night Watch Sculptures in the middle of the plein.  We ended up strolling along the canal before stumbling into Toastable Koningsplein.  What a delicious little find!  We found a little table for two in a sunny spot before ordering some koffie verkeerd (cafe latte) and a B&B toastie with brie, bacon, tomato, gherkins and the most delicious mustard mayo ever! Koffie verkeerd (directly translated to ‘wrong coffee’) got its name because it is made with half coffee and half warm milk.  This is opposed to lots of coffee with only a splash of milk which is the tradition.

We were so impressed with our Toastable breakfast experience that we have built it into our itinerary for our next visit. This time round we visited the Nieuwendijk branch as the Koningsplein restaurant was undergoing renovations. Once again, we were not disappointed. The toasties were memorable and exactly what we needed.


On the second morning we wanted something that was completely off the beaten track.  We searched around on the internet the night before and read some amazing reviews on our next breakfast restaurant.  The Brunchroom was well and truly off the beaten track.  A 20 minute walk from our hotel and, with not a single tourist in sight, we were happy travellers.  Inside, the decor is what struck me the most at first glance.  It was fresh, open and very inviting.  My eyes were dancing over the dishes on the menu: sandwiches, eggs, soup and, this is what we came for, waffles.  Freshly baked.  With fresh toppings of your choice.  Build a waffle.  What’s not to like?!

As instructed, we wrote our names on the order form, selected our waffle toppings from the extensive list on the wall and submit it to the kitchen to do their magic.  And magical it was!  Golden, crispy waffle topped with fresh figs, brie and honey.  Delectable!

I am extremely saddened to hear that since our first visit, the Brunchroom has since closed its doors. It was the one breakfast spot that I would happily returned to most mornings of our stay.


On the complete opposite side of the city we made our way (on bikes I’ll have you know!) to De Pijp, an area of Amsterdam that seems to be quiet and just for the locals.  Lucky to escape the crowds we headed to a breakfast nook called Omelegg.  They did exactly what it said on the tin…  Eggs.  Lots and lots of eggs.  And, may I add, delicious eggs they were too!  I loved their wooden menu with their egg logo on the front.  It was catchy and very apt.  The names of the dishes really made me smile.  I opted for the Greek Wedding omelet and the hubby went for the Funky Chicken.  My Greek Wedding had all my favourite flavours that one can ask for in a dish: feta cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and onions; whilst the hubby’s Funky Chicken was chockfull of smoked chicken, bell pepper, broccoli and traditional farmer’s cheese.  That was the perfect start for our downright scary very energetic day of cycling.

Upon our second visit to Amsterdam, we were eggcited (see what I did there?!) to revisit this memorable restaurant. On our last morning of our holiday we took the 25 minute tram-ride and made our way to De Pijp. On our approach the hubby made a yoke and said wouldn’t it be funny if it was closed?

No word of a lie – it was closed! We were so disappointed. On the door was an alternative suggestion of their City-centre branch, but since we were on our way back home we wouldn’t have had time to go all the way back to the other location. Sorry to say that we were eggstremely disappointed!

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis

Last morning.  One last breakfast.  Only one more place we can discover before we leave this beautiful city behind us.  We read about this awesome little restaurant called Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis that specialises in pancakes.  I mean, we should definitely have pancakes!  We walked and walked.  We couldn’t find it!  We walked some more.  Until, by some miracle, one of us spotted the door to the entrance of Europe’s smallest restaurant.  It was closed.  Much to our disappointment we learnt that we would have to wait until noon for it to open before we would actually be able to eat this long-anticipated pancakes.  We went for a stroll, vowing to return at noon to satisfy our hunger pangs.

2 Croissants and 2 lattes later we rocked up at 12:05 to find, much to our relieve, that they were open!  I peeked through the door, ready to go in, just to be greeted by the steepest staircase I’ve ever seen in my life!  Now if you have read my post about Zaanse Schans yesterday, you will know that I don’t do well when it comes to steep stairs.  Or heights.  But I really wanted a pancake so I braved my fear.  Clutching onto the tiny handrail, I slowly make my way up the even tinier steps (I have big feet for a girl…), trying to control my breathing and making sure that I don’t bump my head on the very low ceiling (I’m tall for a girl…).  I made it to the top…  In one piece…  With very clammy hands…

“Really sorry, but we’re full.  Come back later,” is not quite the words you want to hear when your mission to get here in the first place was nothing short of a heroic act!  My first thought was: I have to go up and down those darn stairs TWICE!  But I did it.  Slowly.  Both times.  **Pride**

The pancakes were worth the wait.  They were everything a yummy bacon, cheese and tomato pancake was all about.  A good size, great flavour and made right in front of your eyes in the open kitchen.  I loved the interior: it was richly decorated with images of the Dutch Royal Family and teapots that were hanging from everywhere.  With only four tables in the entire restaurant, I can understand why this is Europe’s smallest restaurant and I can understand why they were full.

Ok, so this last restaurant wasn’t strictly speaking a breakfast restaurant – but for us it was!


Just like London, Amsterdam can get very drizzly. It can get cold and wet and when you are hangry it can feel like you just want to crawl into your hotel bed and watch a movie. But then there is this hunger that spurs you on to find the right place to splurge your cash on some good food – all whilst waiting in a queue outside in said rain and wind and drizzle.

This was my experience of Greenwoods. We were starving. We’ve been to two restaurants already – both were closed. We were in dire need of a hot drink at the very least… We came to the door of Greenwoods in Keizersgracht just to be told to wait outside by a very overworked (and may I add abrupt) waiter. We obliged. The only problem was that ‘outside’ is practically in the street. Waiter came to bark at us again: the queue is on the other side of the street – get in line… We obliged once more. The two couples in front of us got seated soon after. We were next.

A lovely waitress came out and said she had two seats available. We were just glad to get out of the rain and eagerly followed her down the narrow steps into what could only be described as a basement. The restaurant was packed – always a good sign. We were seated next to another couple, but with space so tight, we were practically sitting on their laps. They were just finishing up their meal and the waiter came to clear their plates. By leaning over me to do so. Annoying.

The couple wanted to leave, but inadvertently we blocked them in. Unimpressed we had to vacate our table to enable them to vacate theirs.

Without ceremony our drinks order was taken and we were left to peruse the menu. It all looked very delicious. Until the next trio were seated next to us. The charade started again: we get up to let them in. Waiter brings our coffee and nearly knocks it over in an attempt to pass menus to those that have just been seated.

The food was excellent. Eggs Benedict with an Amsterdam twist of added sauerkraut and pickles. The hubby had a pancake stack with bacon and eggs.

I would go back for the food in a heartbeat, but the unfriendly waiters and table layout has truly let this restaurant down.

Have you visited some of these?  Let me know in the comments below!

The opinions of above restaurants are my own.  I have not been paid for any content in this post.

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  3. There are some really great places here! I’m going to Amsterdam in a couple of months and I’m definitely going to check some of these out 😊

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    • You will not go wrong with these restaurants! They were all incredibly memorable – keep an eye out for my post tomorrow on Dinner restaurants as I love going traditional local cuisine when I travel 🙂


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