Unfurl your flag!

Many moons ago when I was in primary school we raised the flag every morning in the quad. Come rain or shine we would stand with our hands by our sides whilst proudly singing our National Anthem at the top of our lungs. On Monday’s, however, we would have been in assembly in the school hall and right at the end of the assembly the principal would have said in his deep, stern voice to the two prefects that are holding the folded package to: ‘unfurl the flag’. I couldn’t wait to see the colourful panels, so carefully sewn together, to flutter towards the ground. Then, as I sang our Anthem as loudly as I could, I secretly wished upon my turn to unfurl the flag. That proud day did come; it was all I ever hoped for.
Reminiscing on this memory made me think: where did we lose the pride? Some lost the pride for their country and fellow man by leaving their litter behind. Their attitude? Someone else will clean up!

Others have lost pride in themselves by either having an unkempt appearance or, even worse, lost faith in who they really are.

I say: be proud of who you are, where you are from and what you do. Wear your best perfume at home. Put on your lipstick and make an effort even if it is just to run to the corner shop. We’ve lost so much in this world already, our pride needn’t be one of them.

So: ‘unfurl your flag’!


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