Homemade beskuit

When I saw the Daily Prompt Word is ‘Grainy’, it has sent my thoughts into a whirlwind of textures and emotions.

Nearly a year ago the hubby and I tied the knot and we had a humongous tower of a wedding cake made entirely out of cheese. Naturally we could not consume the 10kg of creamy bliss and about 9kg ended up to be cut into chunks and placed in the freezer. We regularly have one of our impromptu cheese fests and our defrosted cheese that was once a creamy bliss has now become a grainy delight (more suitable for Mac and Cheese I might add).

Homemade beskuit

Nevertheless, to me ‘grainy’ describes the feeling that you get when you stick your feet in the sand on a long, white beach or the nostalgia that overcomes your being when you look at a faded picture of a loved one long gone. Grainy is the soil I wash from my homegrown herbs and veggies once I’ve picked it in its prime and the beautifully curved patterns on a freshly oiled oak table. It takes me back to my childhood in the days before plasma screens and 4k HD quality; when VHS was still king.  It is the crumble of a good buttermilk beskuit when the crumbs stick to your fingers.

Grainy is the long muscly strings of meaty goodness when I stick a fork or two into my 6-hour slow roasted shoulder of pork; the grains of rice that completes the dish that is devoured within minutes.

Grainy is not just a word: it is a rollercoaster that represents so much more than just a word. It is a texture, a feeling, an emotion, a memory. It is nostalgia.

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