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Here you will read all about my favourite places in Europe

Sicily: A Foodie’s Paradise

Vegetarian platter with mozzarella

I’ve always been in love with Italian food. Until I went to Sicily…

Sicily: A fleeting visit

Olives with Temple of Concordia

A 6 day adventure through Sicily.

Sicily: Discovering Etna

Mount Etna in all her glory

I was very privileged to have an opportunity to visit Sicily this year. What an experience!

Top places to visit in Paris

Eiffel tower in Paris at night with lights

I’ve always imagined that Paris is a place where dreams could come true. The first time I visited Paris I knew I was right.

Eating our way through Vienna

Rosnovskyundco Restaurant

If there is one thing in life that I truly love, then it is the art of good food. The Hubby and I spent a day and a half in Vienna on a short little weekend break and consumed way more calories than what was needed to sustain life…