Coffee Shop Gems in North West, South Africa

Green Leaves, Hartbeespoort, Coffee shop

The hubby and I have spent the Summer holidays visiting family in South Africa.

I love the fact that there are very few coffee chains in South Africa.  People make a living by trying to be more unique that the next person down the road.  The result? Gems!

Die Melk Stal, Rustenburg

Loosely translated from Afrikaans it means ‘The Milk Stable’.  I loved every second of this truly South African coffee shop!  I can tell you now that this would’ve been a British Health and Safety Officer’s worst nightmare as there are chickens walking around freely throughout the premises! (The kitchen is super clean – that is a promise.)

This old worldly coffee shop oozed with vintage charm.  I thought it was a brilliant idea to assign the waiters to the tables beforehand by writing their names on the table number – this way you always know whom to ask for.

Favourite dish: Their Halloumi Benedict was really tasty along with their yummy side salads

Die Melk Stal, South Africa

Green leaves, Hartbeespoort

From the moment I walked through the doors of this coffee shop I felt at home.

Being winter in South Africa (a balmy 25 degrees Celsius during the day!) they had a fire going in the beautifully decorated sitting room.

It was one of those places where you just felt like putting your PJ’s on and curling up on the plush sofa with a book in one hand and a mug of hot chocolate in the other.

I loved the creative chandeliers that consisted of teacups and bent spoons – it really is something you don’t see everyday.

Favourite dish:  The Spinach Trammezini – it was just oozing with flavour!

Aug Behren’s, Kroondal

This quaint little coffee shop is situated inside a Spar supermarket.  Originally an independent General Dealer in the German town, Kroondal, this turned into a chain supermarket, but not losing its small town charm.

Once seated you can order pretty much anything your heart desires!  If they stock it in the supermarket, you can be assured that it will be on your plate.

My dear hubby likes his baked beans with a fry up.  South Africans think that is weird, however, when he asked them for a side order of baked beans to go with his bacon, eggs, toast and sausage they were happy to oblige. He then asked them to please heat up the beans (of course us South Africans eat it straight out of the tin or as part of a cold bean salad!)  The waitress looked at him, utterly confused.  She had to clarify:  “You want me to put peri-peri?

I’m still chuckling!

Favourite dish:  Breakfast – all their breakfasts!  From omlettes right through to fry-ups

Maggie’s Farm, Lanseria Road

Ok, not strictly speaking a coffee shop and probably not in North West either, but we had coffee here. And the most delicious pie-lunch.

South Africans love their pies (pasties to the Britons).  This restaurant prides itself to being the Home of the Chicken Pie and, I must say, they definitely have done the great pasty justice.  Their homemade chilli sauce was a triumph!

Favourite dish:  It has to be the Chicken Pie (even though the avocado and chicken mayo trammezini came in close second…)

Do you have little gems in your area that only the locals know about?

Let me know in the comments!

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