I’ve cheated!

Pink Purple and Blue unicorn cake

Today marks my birthday and to celebrate it properly, I had to cheat…

I rarely buy ready made meals; I prefer making everything from scratch because that way I know exactly what goes into my body.

The same with cake and other sweet things, I like making it from scratch.  But tonight, however, I’ve been really short on time.  As is the life of a teacher, there are times when we are super busy and around this time of year it is no exception.  Exam season is in full swing and there is a ton of papers waiting for my red pen to grace them with its presence.  To top it all I have to work late tonight due to parents evening!  ** Sigh**

So I bought an un-iced walnut cake.  And ready made frosting…  With sprinkles!

Un-iced shop-bought walnut cake

One cannot have a birthday without cake and I didn’t want to break with tradition: that will just break my heart!

First I wrapped a breadboard in foil to hide the unsightly plastic eyesore before slathering on a thick crumb-layer and sprinkling over some popping candy.

Crumb-layer with popping candy

Next I coloured the remaining icing using some gel colours I had laying around.  Since I hate the mess that is battling to spoon icing into a piping bag, I opted for the easy option and spoon the icing onto clingfilm before sliding the icing sausage into the piping bag.

Today was a very hot day and I was scared that the icing was going to droop, so I placed it into the fridge whilst I prepped dinner and before I piped it onto the cake.

Once dinner’s in the oven and the icing cooled to a reasonable temperature I piped the colours on alternating between the three.

Blue Pink Purple icing cake

The aim was to pipe tri-coloured roses on the top, but that was a total disaster so I did what any good baker would do: I covered it in sprinkles!

What do you think about my attempt at a unicorn-y cake?  Do you also sometimes cheat when making cake?

Pink Purple and Blue unicorn cake

Fancy some more cake recipes?

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