Look what we got from the Amazon treasure truck…

Amazon treasure truck with beef brisket

My hubby have been following the truck on Amazon ever since it has started, but never could we go and get our goodies from it as we are both working full time.

Since we are both on holiday this week, we couldn’t be more excited to learn that the truck was going to be nearby.

So… Like two children, we excitedly set out to the location of the truck after we purchased our goodies earlier the morning. We were greeted by two friendly Amazonians and invited to spin the glimmering wheel in order to win a secret prize – above all odds we won on the second go. The prize? A brand new packet of shrimp flavoured crisps! Want to hear the irony? I’m allergic to fish and shellfish!


Ok, so what did we get from the Amazon Treasure Truck?


Treasure Truck bag
Treasure Truck bag of goodies!


A box meal of slow-cooked beef brisket for 4 people!

The box contained 500g of sous vide slow-cooked beef brisket, a tub of coleslaw and four individual portions of wholegrain mustard.

It is the perfect lunch for today (and tomorrow!).

The only downside was that it did not come with cooking instructions, however, with a bit of digging around I cooked half of the brisket for 18 minutes in a screaming hot pre-heated oven, covered in foil. It was hot at least!

The other half is safely in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch…



The opinion of the post above is my own and based on my personal experience. I was not paid for any content in this post.

4 Comments on “Look what we got from the Amazon treasure truck…

  1. This sounds cool! I’ve never heard of the amazon treasure truck before so I’m away to google that haha. Beef brisket is soooo good! Enjoy your leftover lunch tomorrow!

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    • It really was cool – I think if you have an Amazon account it pops up in the top banner every so often on new locations. Thank you – I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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