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Zebras and Giraffes at a Waterhole.

I’m currently on a bit of a ‘translation’ high.  I think I have mentioned this once or twice, but Afrikaans really is a language that you can immerse yourself to completely describe and express an object or even feelings.  Take for example animals: we love to name based on their behaviour, habitat or appearance.  Although this is not true in all cases as some names are just downright quirky and off the chart funny!

See if you can guess which animals I have directly translated!

1. Shaved-mouth mouse

2. Camel horse

3. Shallow pig

4. Lazy horse

5. Hunted lazy horse

6. Sea cow

7. Night monkey

8. Bully

9. Earth pig

10. Brick goat

11. Rock jumper

12. Jumping goat

13. Black white tummy

14. Red goat

15. Iron pig

16. Poo carrier

17. Shrink pig

18. Payama donkey

Are you ready for the real answers?

Here goes!

  1.  Skeerbekmuis is a Shrew (Shaved-mouth mouse)
  2. Kameelperd is a Giraffe (Camel Horse)
  3. Vlakvark is a Warthog (Shallow Pig)
  4. Luiperd is a Leopard (Lazy Horse)
  5. Jagluiperd is a Cheetah (Hunted Lazy Horse)
  6. Seekoei is a Hippopotamus (Sea Cow)
  7. Nagapie is a Bush Baby (Night Monkey)
  8. Buffel is a Buffalo (Bully)
  9. Aardvark (Earth Pig)
  10. Steenbok is an Ibex (Brick Goat)
  11. Klipspringer is a Chamois (Rock Jumper)
  12. Springbok (Jumping Goat)
  13. Swartwitpens is a Sable (Black White Tummy)
  14. Rooibok is an Impala (Red Goat)
  15. Ystervark is a Porcupine (Iron Pig)
  16. Miskruier is a Dung Beetle (Poo Carrier)
  17. Krimpvarkie is a Hedgehog (Shrink Pig)
  18. Zebra, well we call it a Zebra too, but Payama Donkey sounds so much cooler!

Did you know

  • A shrew is actually a mammal!
  • The name Giraffe means ‘leopard camel’ and has its origins from Greek.
  • The nearest relative to a Hippo is a whale.
  • The panther and the leopard is the same species.  When you look closely at a Black Panther, you will still see the Leopard’s markings, but it is covered over by excess black pigment called melanin.  The same stuff that causes moles in humans!
  • Despite its name, an Aardvark is not related to pigs at all.  It is closer related to Elephants.
  • Once, Porcupines held the record for the longest-living rodent in the world – 27 years!  (This record is now held by a 28-year old naked mole rat…)
  • A dung beetle can process dung 250 times heavier than its own weight in just one night.
  • Hedgehogs have a natural immunity against snake venom.

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  1. Aaaah I understand Dutch a little bit, so I’d guessed some of them! Very interesting post :)))
    What is aardvark, though?

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