When Dawn breaks

Horse in sunrise

A short sketch describing the minutes before and after dawn.

Apart from Cricket’s woeful song and Bullfrog clearing his throat in the distance, everything is quiet.  

It is still dark.

But not for long.  The dawn chorus is slowly tuning their song: first Blackbird clears his throat, followed by Robin to form a duet.  Before long Wren, Tawny Owl and the Family Finch joins the choir.  Slowly they are building up their individual songs into a cacophony of voices before they find the melody and the rhythm that breaks into a harmonious crescendo.  As their song reaches its climax the sun breaks over the horizon and a new dawn stretches its liquid amber fingers over the savannah grass.

A black stallion trots effortlessly over the freshly dewed grass-carpet.  One by one he stretches his muscular legs.  Every muscle a picture of perfection.  As he arches his perfectly sculpted physique, the golden beams on the horizon bounces off his pitch black back; egging him on to take flight.  With a low grumble the stallion gracefully accepts Dawn’s cheeky challenge.  He pauses for a moment, makes another grumble and sets himself free from the shadows that engulfed the night.

He dashes over the savannah towards the steep hill to greet the new Dawn in all her glory.  As he gazes over the golden land he grumbles once more in satisfaction.  The majestic landscape is a breathtaking array of black, purple, orange gold and yellow.  He breathes in the fresh morning air and flinches as the slightly chilled oxygen hits his warm lungs.

The solitary stallion gives another low grumble.  This time it is not in satisfaction, but a grumble of dismay.  His freedom is fleeting as Dawn invites others to join in the challenge.  No longer is Stallion alone.

Listen to the sketch instead:

Photo by erik cid on Unsplash

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