In for a penny, in for a pound

I hate waste. And ready meals. And I really don’t like spending money. So much so that bubble gum has a better chance to slip through my fingers than a pound coin. It is for that reason that I’ve decided to do my weekly shopping predominantly online.

Picture of computer
Photo credit: Fabian Blank, Thomas Lefebvre, Michael Petrucci (all from Unsplash)


Years ago I’ve discovered this great website called (it is available as an app too). Not only does it allow you to create or import a recipe, but it also allow you to add it to a meal planner, a shopping list and you can scale the quantities for portion control. It even helps you cook with some handy timers so you’ll never burn another lasagne!

In addition to that I used to be in love with as it allowed me to compare my shop to different stores and I could decide to either do all of my shopping at one store or split the basket in two to get better value for money. Sadly, however, the site is no longer available and I had to resort back to shopping from supermarkets’ own websites.


I’m crazy about food. If I’m not eating, I’m planning my next meal; hence I love Pepperplate so much. During the week my husband and I will talk about what we would like to have for dinner the next week. I then go onto Pepperplate and plan our meals (or the hubby will do it, I’ll have you know!) and set it up in a shopping list which takes about 5-10 minutes as most of the recipes are already on there.

Once I have another 10 or so minutes I will take my shopping list and do my weekly shop in I always make sure that I hit £40 as this way I get delivery for just £1 during unsociable hours. The best part is that I can still amend my shopping list until 23:00 the night before delivery.

Now I can get on with doing more pressing tasks and I don’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner as everything will be delivered to my door by my chosen supermarket.

Open Sign of a shop
Photo credit: Fabian Blank, Thomas Lefebvre, Michael Petrucci (all from Unsplash)

I found that before we started to shop online our food bill skyrocketed as we went to the supermarket every other day and spending money on easy meals that can be knocked out in 10 minutes (fresh pasta, ready made pizza etc.) and biscuits and crisps and doughnuts. We (read: my husband 😜) were victims of ‘buy two get one free’ and ‘buy 3 for £5’. We wasted so much as we could not consume the amount of food we bought each week. So what if I can get another four onion bhaji’s for only 60p extra? I don’t need another four so I’ll save myself the 60p, thank you!

Now we only buy what we need and we make sure that we don’t waste anything!

How do you save on your weekly shop? Please let me know in the comments below.

*** The websites mentioned in this article is based on my personal opinion and use ***

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